054 SelfWork: How To Learn From A Mistake

Today’s email from a listener is how you cope with friends and family not being as close as they used to be, when you’re struggling with depression or anxiety. How do you not feel abandoned?

047 SelfWork: If You Love (Or Have Loved) A Narcissist

Narcissism has been a hot topic for the past few years, with many people writing about their fate — being attracted to and trying to love someone with narcissistic traits. Dr. Margaret talks clearly about what narcissism is and what it’s not, as well as offering five recognitions about your own role in the furor and chaos of the relationship that can help you either stay in with more clarity, or leave the relationship with greater understanding.

046 SelfWork: How A Woman Feels Around A Harvey Weinstein

If you haven’t heard about Harvey Weinstein, you may have been living under a rock the last couple of weeks. He’s been accused of sexual harassment and assault by multiple women. Dr. Margaret relays an incident in her own history with sexual harassment, and how it made her feel.

045 SelfWork: Self-Compassion. What It Is And Why It’s Vital

Dr. Margaret received a fascinating question from a listener recently. “How do I learn to feel my feelings, when I’ve been suppressing them for years?” The key is self-compassion, and it’s vital in healing from depression, anxiety or what I term perfectly hidden depression.

043 SelfWork: When Friendships End

Friends. They’re often your “family of choice.” They can be wonderfully satisfying, intellectually challenging, and just plain fun. But what happens when one friend backs out of the friendship? How do you understand it, grieve the loss and move on?

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